Online store developed for Julia Te Amo, a collection created by Julia Michelle Santiago, (Fashion designer for the Disney series, Gina Yei). Julia presents her new collection, Ágape.


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Clothing and Fashion

The main objective of Julia Te Amo’s online store is to show the Ágape collection and its pieces for sale, along with the production of its textiles.

The website serves as a powerful marketing tool, offering information about parts while also offering an easy-to-use experience for potential customers.

This web development project for Julia Te Amo aims to create an engaging, informative and user-friendly online presence that not only showcases the clothing from the collection but also establishes a strong connection with its potential clients in the fashion industry.

The “Lookbooks” section shows the different clothing by categories. Likewise, it shows the individual products accompanied by images of models using the clothing from the collection and complete manufacturing and measurement specifications.

Users will be able to purchase the clothing by shipping or local pickup, thus facilitating the user experience. The Ágape collection draws inspiration from the artistic expression of Mari Munet, a colorist artist who combines several disciplines to evoke elevated emotions and a positive state of mind.


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