The web development project for Cooperativa San Blas focuses on programming a website that offers a variety of financial services, including mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans and credit cards.


Web Development



Banking and Finance

Website design programming adapted to the brand identity of the Cooperativa San Blas, with a clear navigation structure and categorization of financial services for easy accessibility.

The approved design was implemented using WordPress as the development platform, allowing for easy management and updating of content by the client.

Key functionalities were integrated, such as loan application forms for each type of loan offered, loan calculators to estimate monthly payments.

Search engine optimization (SEO) practices were carried out to improve the website’s visibility in search results and increase organic traffic.

The end result was a professional and functional website that allowed Cooperativa San Blas clients to easily access information about the different types of loans and financial services offered, as well as conveniently apply for loans through online forms.

Project carried out in collaboration with Blue Morpho Firm


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