Landing Pages

The objective of these programming projects was to create attractive and functional landing pages that not only captured the attention of visitors, but also generated leads for our clients. The pages were designed to be highly informative and persuasive, in order to encourage participation from the target audience.


Landing page development


Inter Optomoetry, Puerto Rico Federal Credit Union, Nova Derm Puerto Rico, Fedecoop y BioPharma Coop.



Visually attractive and fully responsive landing pages were designed to ensure an optimal experience on all devices. The project was worked on with the Blue Morpho Creative team who were in charge of supplying the content, designs and logistics.

Most landing pages focused on lead generation, offering easy-to-fill contact forms. The design and layout of elements were optimized to maximize conversions, ensuring visitors were motivated to provide their contact information.

Informational pages were created that highlighted the key benefits and features of the products or services offered. The content was written persuasively to generate interest and trust in the audience and identifying the strategy, such as subscribing to a newsletter or participating in a giveaway.

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) practices were applied to improve visibility in search results and drive traffic to landing pages.

The landing pages developed for Inter Optometry, Puerto Rico Federal Credit Union, Nova Derm Puerto Rico, Fedecoop, BioPharma Coop and other clients have been highly effective in generating leads. Thanks to their attractive design, informative content and conversion-focused approach, these pages have contributed significantly to the growth and success of our clients’ marketing and promotional campaigns.


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