The website development project for Cooperativa Zeno Gandía focused on providing detailed information on the loans offered and allowing users to easily apply for them through the online platform, while maintaining a professional and trustworthy image of the cooperative in the financial sphere.


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The main focus for programming the website for Cooperativa Zeno Gandía was to provide detailed information on the different types of loans available and allow users to easily apply for them through the website.

The home page offered an introduction to the cooperative and its main services, while individual sections were dedicated to each type of loan, providing detailed information and an integrated application form.

A fundamental part of the project was the “About Us” section, which presented information about the history, values ​​and locations of the Cooperativa Zeno Gandía in Arecibo and San Juan. This helped establish a personal connection with website visitors and strengthen trust in the cooperative.

To facilitate communication with customers, a contact section was included providing contact details and a form for queries and requests for additional information. The website design focused on conveying an image of professionalism and trustworthiness, using a color palette appropriate for the financial sector and visual elements that enhanced the user experience.

WordPress was chosen for its flexibility and customization capacity. Specific sections were developed for each of the services offered by the cooperative, guaranteeing simple and efficient navigation.


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