The web development project for Prime Life focuses on the creation of a comprehensive digital platform for an insurance company. Specializing in life, cancer, health, property and contingency policies, the website’s main objective is to provide users with an informative and easy-to-use experience.


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The homepage features a clean and accessible interface, highlighting the various services offered by Prime Life. Sections dedicated to each type of policy provide details about its benefits and coverage options.

Interactive tools, such as insurance calculators and needs assessment questionnaires, allow visitors to make informed decisions.

The design prioritizes transparency and trust, with images from the Prime Life team of real clients and information from representatives illustrating the positive impact of Prime Life policies.

The presence of strategic calls to action, such as quote requests and direct contact, encourages interaction and facilitates the insurance purchasing process.

To improve accessibility, a responsive design is implemented that ensures an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves online visibility, while social media integration allows users to share important information with ease.

Project carried out in collaboration with Blue Morpho Firm


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