Suonare Piano & Voice Studio, with 12 years of experience teaching piano and voice, was looking for an online presence that reflected their passion for music and commitment to education. Jomar Cruz Creative Designer designed and developed a bilingual website (English and Spanish) that would reflect the diversity of services offered by Suonare Piano & Voice Studio.


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Music Academy

A dynamic and visually appealing homepage was crafted that captures the essence and passion for music of Suonare Piano & Voice Studio. Including presentation of the teachers and information on the packages.

About Us, section dedicated to telling the story of Suonare Piano & Voice Studio, highlighting its 12-year history of teaching piano and singing. Likewise, biographies of the team of instructors, highlighting their experience and passion for music.

Detailed information on the different types of classes offered, including piano, singing, piano for singers and singing workshops such as vocal coaching.

Integration of an online store where users can purchase merchandise and full translation of the website into English and Spanish to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Contact form programming that allows users to send queries and requests directly from the website. Integration of a login system for students through My Music Staff, facilitating access to personalized information, class schedules and educational resources in Suonare Piano & Voice Studio.


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