Types of Social Media Content

There are different types of content such as educational, promotional and more that you can apply in your social networks to have variety in publications. This can help you keep your audience active and keep you up to date on trends.

Below, I show them to you:

Educational Content

The focus of these publications is to educate. Generate likes, comments, shares and saves.

It is my favorite and I apply it in carousels and reels. However, you can also apply it by making tutorials or explanatory arts that talk about a specific topic.

I call this one in particular, valuable content.


You will be able to recommend platforms, pages, systems, etc. that you use in your business. Generates “likes” and saves.

I apply it in carousels, but more in reels to show examples in use of tools, platforms or systems that I recommend.

Informative Content

It allows you to have a presence in the networks to talk about your brand and the services you offer. It is the opportunity for your audience to get to know you. You can also talk about news, industry updates or any other type of content that is based on reporting.


It works for personal brand accounts, as it allows you to share with your audience important moments with your family, friends, etc.

You can show your personality, including videos, photos or anything else you want your audience to know about you.

It allows you to humanize your brand.


If you want to make your followers laugh or entertain, this is the perfect one. You can use the different social networks and make memes, funny videos, dance videos or any other type of content that has the entertainment factor.

Promotional Content

Take advantage of this type of content to advertise a service or product. It also includes paid advertisements or any other type of advertisement that leads to a sale.

The content you choose when creating a publication should be based on the objectives or the audience you want to create or have at the time. Always make sure that the content is of quality and that the information you locate is real.

Examples can be found here.

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