Increase your prices, the time has come.

When the time comes to increase your prices, it is normal that you have several questions such as: Will the client be able to pay, Will I be able to retain my suppliers, Does he see it as an investment, Is my work worth it, etc.? Let me tell you that increasing your prices is a process of growth and evolution, as you gain experience, your work may cost more.

Don’t limit yourself to not evolve, if the client leaves, don’t worry that even if you don’t see it, you are giving the opportunity to someone else who is starting out, just like when you started.

New services

Time goes by, new technologies appear and while we are learning them, we are acquiring new knowledge. We may have started with a 1 offering package, but with so much experience we ended up with a more complete package and this is where the price increase is justified.

Suppliers increased their prices

Your suppliers may increase their prices, so you need to keep up with them in order not to lose projects. With this recommendation both will achieve a fair profit.

You become a professional

People start to recognize you as a professional, they start to trust your word and this can be a very important factor, since your reputation and value in the market are increasing.

Your portfolio is of value

Your portfolio starts to fill up with recognized brands, clients that have been in the market for years and that many would like to reach. Increase your prices!

Large-scale projects and you must increase prices

When you stop taking on small projects and focus on big projects, you start to have more time for yourself. It doesn’t mean that seeing the projects in a small way, it’s not that they are important, it’s that the moment has passed and you should give space to someone who is starting to have the opportunity to work.

Trust in yourself and your skills, make the decision to increase your prices! Acquire the investment!

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