Tools for Freelancers

Texto para herramientas para Freelancers con logos de airtable, trello, mailchimp y meta

When we talk about tools for freelancers we are talking about platforms, applications and/or programs that help us to increase our performance in the work and personal environment. There are different types of tools for communication, organization, optimization, automation, among others.

Below I would like to show you some of the tools I use in my area of work:

  • Airtable: It is a platform that allows you to make databases, organize and work online with the content you want.
  • Trello: It is a platform that its function is to facilitate the organization of tasks.
  • Mailchimp: It is a marketing platform focused on Email Marketing. It helps you create contact lists, design campaigns and send mass mailings.
  • Business Suite: It is a tool for managing Facebook and Instagram pages. It allows you to publish, schedule and answer messages from the platform.

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