What we learn is not for us

What happens when we learn what we wanted so much? We feel fulfilled and stop to want to learn more.

I sat down to evaluate why this happens and I came across the reality that “what we learn is not for us” and who is it for?

For our friends

There is always an opportunity to surround yourself with friends who are willing to learn from you and you from them.

For our family

It is up to us to teach what we may not have learned at home, for example, design, programming, etc. There may be a family member who wants to enter these fields and to be of help is a great achievement.

For our students

It makes you a mentor, influencer and role model. People will start to believe in what you say and do because they want to learn what you know, you may run into people who will tell you they want to be like you.

For other generations

You help maintain the learning cycle for future generations. For this I live in gratitude to my teachers and professors, without them I would not have reached my goals and they are responsible for passing on their knowledge to my generation.

Now I ask you, what do you do with so much knowledge?

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