Start fighting distractions

There are many strategies you can use to combat distractions and be more productive. Before combating them, it is important to identify them.

Distractions that may occur are:

  • Receipt of non-urgent e-mails
  • Extra time spent on social networks
  • Answering non-urgent phone calls
  • Spending time on unimportant projects

Distractions not only affect productivity, they can also affect decision making and interfere with business success. Fight distractions!

We have identified the distractions, now how to combat them:

  • Strategies that help you divide your time correctly and minimize distractions.
  • Provide practical strategies to help business owners focus on their core business.
  • Set realistic times to log on to social networks or check emails.
  • Use website and application blocking tools to combat distractions or determine a time of use.
  • Prioritize the most important tasks.
  • Use technologies, such as noise-canceling headphones, to create a quieter work environment and help you concentrate.
  • Take breaks in between tasks
  • Exercise
  • Post notes to remind you of the tasks to be done during the day.
  • If possible, frequent different coffee shops with a calm atmosphere.

Fighting distractions will increase your productivity. I compiled a list mentioned above with the distractions that I consider that could affect me, but it is important that you do the exercise of making a list of those that affect you and apply the strategies and tips mentioned in this blog.

You can read more about combating distractions here.

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