The power of productivity!

Productivity is our best ally. To be productive is to do more work in less time. To manage time properly we must reduce distractions by avoiding watching videos for long hours, not spending our time on situations that do not merit it or that lead us to procrastinate.

Time is the most valuable thing.

Being productive does not mean dedicating 100% of our effort to work, we also have to dedicate time to ourselves, to our families and to what we like to do.

Manage your time well by upgrading the systems you use to work, buying a productivity-based book or taking time management courses. It may be difficult at the moment because we are already programmed, but I assure you that if you create a healthy routine you will be able to produce more than you imagine.

Summary of tips to be more productive:

  1. Use a listing system or tool (Example: Todoist, Trello, etc.).
  2. Organize 2 to 3 tasks per day
  3. Read a book or article of value
  4. Create a healthy routine
  5. Take time management courses
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