Design for others, not for yourself

Our most difficult client is ourselves, why, because we are never pleased with the results, we have tried to impress thousands that impressing ourselves is so difficult. We are never comfortable with our work and we think we should give pause to everything that is working with us. I understand you, it still happens to me, but my advice is to do something, you may wonder how to do something, I will explain in more detail below.

Design for us

To do something is that if you have a logo already created and you only need your approval to continue, approve it, with something you always start, then with time you improve it. If you have a business in mind and you just need to present yourself on social networks, do it, move from the physical to the digital world and adjust to the changes. If you don’t start with just 1 piece of the puzzle, you will never finish it.

We have to work our business as a client, generate a process, logistics and present it. It may feel strange at first, but in the end you will see the same results you get when working with a client.

Designing for others

When we design for others, even if we are not convinced, the client will be. If the client wants a circle and you want a rectangle, the circle wins because the design is for the client, not for you.

We have to learn to yield, to eliminate any element that prevents us from understanding the processes. I recognize that we have our way of operating and it works for us, but sometimes we have to analyze the situation better and work it correctly.

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