Nothing wrong with saying “NO” to a customer.

The reality is that there is nothing wrong with saying “no” to a client, it doesn’t determine your level of commitment, it determines your security. The time factor goes hand in hand with this, because by saying “no”, we avoid committing our time to things we didn’t count on doing.

Know your limits, I know sometimes we want to deliver for everyone, but if it’s not a priority it’s definitely a “no”. Don’t even feel bad, it’s normal not to have time for everything.

If you don’t like to say “no”, don’t worry, there are other ways to say it, such as delegating or doing it at another time.

I don’t intend with this blog that you say “no” to everything, but that you can focus on the things that have priority before committing your time to something else.

Examples of customers you can say “No” to:

  1. They ask for a discount
  2. They do not respect your time
  3. You are treated as an employee and not as a business owner.
  4. Paid in 2 weeks and they want the job done yesterday
  5. They do not know how to differentiate between friendship and work

We must understand that not everyone is a potential customer.

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