Customers… Getting started is easy, keeping them is the challenge.

When we start entrepreneurship, we see it as something new, it gives us flexibility and we feel that it is a dream come true. However, while it may be easy to start working with clients in a professional manner, keeping up is the challenge. I want to leave you with some tips that helped me at Jomar Cruz Creative Designer to motivate you to keep on doing and to carry out more projects without having to give up on your dreams:


You need clients who are willing to work with you, they can come through referrals, advertisements, etc. The important thing is to keep doing projects and reaching new clients.

Customer relations

As an entrepreneur, customers are our greatest asset. It is important to maintain a good relationship with them and show interest in the projects.

Pricing and services

It is important to establish prices for the services to be offered. You must be willing to answer any questions that may arise with these services, since there are occasions where if they are personalized the client may ask.

Focus on services that you master, I know that at the beginning we want to offer many services, but it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.

Learn to say “NO”.

Not all projects are for us, there are times when we have to say “no” and move on to other projects that do help our growth. This will help you avoid bad times and focus your time on important projects.

Separating your personal and professional life with your customers

When you start to mix your business with your personal life, your time for yourself decreases. We think that work is a priority and we abandon our habits.

I recommend that you can maintain a balance in both, rest when necessary, choose your schedule and avoid reaching a state of exhaustion.

Being an entrepreneur is interesting, but it entails a lot of sacrifice, even if you receive thousands of congratulations from your relatives, but it is not about that, it is about finding peace, doing what you love. For more tips you can access here.

I’m coming to you entrepreneur!

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