Passion…is everything

The word “passion” is more than a word, it is my driving force. It keeps me going, keeps me motivated and is the main reason I continue in the design world. Just like design is EVERYTHING to me, passion is EVERYTHING, if there is no passion, there is no reason to exist.

We often question ourselves: Are we going to make it? And the great reality is that if you set your mind to it, it can happen, but to achieve something you have to take action. We decide when to move forward or when to stand idly by.

Here are some recommendations that helped me to keep that passion alive:

  1. I didn’t go out on the weekends, I spent my time watching YouTube videos or tutorials.
  2. I created relationships with different people that ultimately led me to potential clients.
  3. I divide my time between work, college and tutoring.
  4. He worked from 6 am – 4 am (If you like to sleep, I don’t recommend it).

Many of these key points helped me to maintain and not remove myself. When I talk about “not taking off”, I speak for many designers who only entered the university because graphic design had a low GPS, something that when I realized it helped me to give importance to the classes, the professors and the environment. It cost me, of course it cost me, but I can say that I am now in my 5th year as a freelancer.

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