Basic guide to grow on Instagram in 2024

Before you start reading the guide it is important that you are sociable, as we are going to talk about a social network and it is the number 1 requirement. Anyway keep it because I’m sure someone needs it.

I recommend you to follow the following steps to grow on Instagram:

1. Who are you?

You should start by thinking about what you want to do and the value you will bring. Keep in mind that there are many niches and many accounts being exposed, be original and stand out.

2. Your Profile

Personalize your profile, be brief in your username, summarize in one or two words what you do and use a profile picture that goes hand in hand with the content you are going to offer.

3. Personal Branding

It gives followers confidence to know who is behind the profile, it humanizes your brand. Use your photo in different publications, make videos and adapt to the trends of the Reels.

4. Offer Value

Study your niche, with this you will know how to make your writings, choose the perfect hashtags and get your audience to participate.

5. Interaction

Build relationships with your followers and those you follow. This generates interest in your content and causes your audience to like, comment or save your posts.

6. You must be constant

It is the key piece so that from step 1 to 5 has not been a waste of time. Consistency is essential to create a routine in your daily life. By being consistent, we maximize our potential.

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