Invest in yourself

We are also a priority in an office full of customers. We cannot forget that without the education and capacity possible we cannot offer our services to the fullest. If you are a freelancer and do not know where to start here I show you several types of investments you can make in your professional development:

Purchase of equipment:

  1. Computer – If you want a better screen with better color definition, I recommend an Apple computer. If you are looking for a hybrid between work and entertainment I recommend a Windows.
  2. Professional Camera – Not all of us are experts in photography, but exploring and adventuring with a camera is one of the things that later transports us to those places we once visited.

Purchase of programs:

  1. Creative Cloud – Most of us designers invest in Adobe’s cloud with all the programs they offer, it’s great for having all your projects in one place.
  2. Affinity – These are versions of Illustrator and Photoshop, but they are cheaper and if you can’t afford a monthly payment, with a single payment you can get both programs.
  3. Cinema 4D – Get out of your comfort zone and explore the 3D world with Cinema 4D, you can create anything from videos to art sculptures that respond to any instruction.

Purchase of online courses:

Every day we learn different things and adding more talent is never an exception. Below are several academies of online courses that you can access:

  1. Domestika –
  2. Coursera –
  3. Udemy –
  4. Crehana –

Use your free time to learn from others. You can start by doing the following:

  1. I for example follow Vilma Nuñez, I love how she promotes her services and her personal brand. You can follow her at:
  2. Ask a professional if you have doubts in an area Don’t stay with doubts, there are always professionals in different fields who are willing to give you a hand.
  3. If at any time you need those tips on how to be a Freelancer or start your own business, you know you can count on me.
  4. Use trends to your advantage Take advantage of every “trend” on Instagram or TikTok and unleash your creativity, who knows you might go viral at any moment.

Remember that the investment is not only monetary; experience and learning also have value.

What are you waiting for to invest in yourself?

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